Best attar fragrance for men and women

Benefits of Smelling Good.

The scent - good smell has emotional Benefits on the Brain, Charming aromas are scientifically demonstrated to bring out positive, elevating feelings and great recollections. Rejoining with an aroma we haven't smelled in while can quickly flood us with so many extraordinary memories and cheerful emotions. similarly, bad odor such as a gas leak or rotten food like alerting emotions is also connected to the part of the brain that processes emotion and memory. so it is highly recommended to smell good. 
Upgrade your outfit by applying attar fragrance & make your presence more magnetic and favorable. Personality will good humanly smell are consider to be more safe and trustworthy. As good fragrance will create a positive emotion in a person's mind, You become the first choice of people because they feel secured around you.

Variety of Attar fragrances for men and women

Best Attar fragrance for men

Men consider a fragrance that has a dry scent such as Leather, Smoky, Sandalwood, Musk, Gold, Woody & more. this type of attar fragrances showcases the strong charismatic personality factor of male.

  1. Arochem 555 Attar
  2. Madni Black Musk Attar
  3. Al-nuiam Swiss Firdaus Attar
  4.  Madni Millionaire Series
  5. Al-Nuiam Kashmiri oudh



Best Attar Fragrance for women 

Women prefer an attar fragrance that has a sweet and soft floral ( flower fragrance) or fruity fragrance such as Jasmine, strawberry, lavender, rose, etc. These types of pleasant fragrances share vibes of joyfulness and freshness.

  1. Arochem Diva
  2. Mahek Ae Kasturi 
  3. Al- Nuiam White Orchid
  4. Arochem Seven seas attar
  5. Al-Nuiam Silky Mushk


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