If your deodorant fades away, you should try Attar, Perfume oil.

Why we have to smell good?

The scent has emotional Benefits on the Brain, Charming aromas are scientifically demonstrated to bring out positive, elevating feelings and great recollections. Rejoining with an aroma we haven't smelled in while can quickly flood us with so many extraordinary memories and cheerful emotions. similarly, bad odor such as a gas leak or rotten food like alerting emotions is also connected to the part of the brain that process emotion and memory. so it is highly recommended to smell good. In case you're prepared to check out one, stay connected to discover our handpicked fragrance oils peoples adore the most.

Reason to pick out perfume oil over classical spray

The body sprays that are more like scented alcohol are added with additional fillers. While fragrance oils are (currently) less popular than spray-on perfumes, their popularity is rising quickly, on the other hand, perfumes oil are a mixture of different aromatic extracts and oils that give pleasant fragrance. perfume oils are ordinarily the more reasonable variant of a scent. Perfume oil is also known as Attar or Ittar in a Indian and Arab regions.

Below are some of the benefits of using perfume oils over perfumes based on alcohol


Perfume oils tend to last longer wherever it is applied, oil is absorbed and stays, The scent concentrate in perfume oil is much stronger and undiluted than the generic eau de toilettes and perfumes based on alcohol, which contain only a small amount of true fragrance diluted with alcohol and other chemicals. 



You get it at the fraction of a price, They usually come in little bottles, which are very handy and has roll-on for easy application. The bottled spray comes in bigger, thicker, glass bottles that elevate the final price. Moreover, the bigger the size of the container the more value you spend for the perfume.

Less risk of skin discomfort

It goes without saying that most perfumes contain alcohol and other chemicals that can irritate and dry the skin. People with dry skin sometimes complain of irritability when wearing perfume because it dries and dissipates too easily, on the other hand, oils are moisturizing which not only helps them last longer but also makes them ideal for any kind of skin.

How perfume oil is safe?

So, what precisely is fragrance oil, and do you need one? Essentially, perfume oil is derived from organic sources such as flowers, spices, flavors, and other natural materials. Most normally these oils are extracted by hydro or steam refining. They can likewise be communicated by synthetic methods yet for the most part normal scents that qualify as ittars are refined with water. The oils are for the most part refined into a wood base, for example, sandalwood and then aged. with no hidden artificial gas and alcohol base. This makes it an extraordinary alternative for those with sensitive skin! It additionally has a lot more grounded and renewing aroma, so not exclusively does its scent remains the entire day along, although you just need to rub two drops on your pulse point to have a major effect.

How to apply perfume oil, for great results

Apply it to your pulse point on your wrist and rub. This will allow the perfume oil to blend normally with your body chemistry. As your body warms up, the aroma will be activated and get released its fragrance again.

Pulse points to apply oil include:

  1. Your wrists
  2. Back of your neck
  3. Crooks of the elbows
  4. Behind your knees

Attarsouk handpicked collection of Attars 

  1. Arochem 555 Attar
  2. Madni Black Musk Attar
  3. Al-nuiam Swiss Firdaus Attar
  4. Mahek Ae Dasturi
  5. Al-Nuiam White Orchid
  6. Arochem Diva
  7. Madni Millionaire Series
Pick your desire fragrance from a wide variety of

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